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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Countdown Begins!

Hi guys!
"Pre reading" Disclaimer: Please acknowledge the fact that I am a nurse and my least favorite thing to do is something to do with writing...aka charting. So, this may not be as well put as it probably should be. Either way I will try my best. I know this is something I don't have to do and more than likely will not have time for it at all during school, but I still wanted to do something to remember the hardships we all are going to face in the next two years as a student certified registered nurse anesthetist referred to as SRNA from now on. So, my second goal, (first of course being a good Student) again if that will be the case during school, will be to keep updating this with hopefully valuable and fun information as we progress towards being CRNAs :) Just the thought of that title coming closer and closer being next to my last name gives me chills...I know...being overly optimistic especially when the sleeplessness of nights and periods of study time prolonging way faster than that QT interval with Amiodarone hasn't even begun.
It's the first post and I already have a lot to discuss. I guess, a bit about me? I was born in california but was raised by maternal grandparents in India where I studied till 10th grade in an Army school. Got my first culture shock when I was brought here by my parents to finish high school in Prescott. The most lonely, depressing time of my life. My Queens english vocabulary was a source of plenty of jokes for those two years. At the end of it all, "rubbish" was no longer my favorite word. Initial goal was to go through aeronautical school at Embry Riddle but rumors about job scarcity made me discard that thought early on and pushed me into nursing. Shockingly, I passed the entrance test age 17 and had to be differed due to being a minor (haha...still think its funny) Beginning of it was brutal, and I couldn't see myself in it at all. But somehow, I got through it. Perhaps due to the repeated encouragement to "push" "push" "you can do it" by my parents. The first job as a nurse was merely exciting because of the pay raise from working in a theater for $6.50/ hr to making that much as shift differential. You probably have a bad sense about me but honestly, me as a 20 year old nurse was not thinking of other reasons to do it. Hell continued for the first year as the politics on the med-surg floor was more corrupt than the Indian government (trust me...it was bad). Had to find an escape route and with some confidence and support from my friend Maria, I applied in the only open position at that time...the ICU.
Another shock was to hear I got accepted. And as the time flew by to 6 months, my perspective about nursing took a major yet to me unnoticeable turn for the better. People were really sick and I was given a chance to take part in their recovery with much greater autonomy, instead of being a task manager on the medical surgical floor...
...ok. I looked back on the paper as I am typing and noticed that it has gone beyond a "bit" about me. I will continue with my story with latter posts.
May be we can discuss a bit about you now... I would really like to know what you have gone through to get here so please comment below to tell us about you... Just be cautious of typing confidential info...like no last names and all...or addresses and phone numbers... It may not be that secure. Thanks for reading my blabbering. More coming soon! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi ,
It was by mere chance that I found your blog & am so excited!!!Would liek to know more about the course as planning to try in 2012(I postponed this yr as I got lil kids).ALL THE BEST.MT.

Andria said...

Do you have a contact e-mail? Was hoping you'd be interested in doing an audio interview for nurses interested in CRNA. E-mail me at host@newnurseblog.com

JulietRN said...

We seem to have a lot in common. My home town is Prescott and I also thought Embry Riddle was going to be my path. I was just accepted to CRNA program and I am a little nervous. I hope all is going well!