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Sunday, February 27, 2011

An Exciting Encounter

So, last night my patient went into respiratory distress and call was made to intubate him. Anesthesiology was called and without much delay they were present with their equipment. She was a CRNA. She called the anesthesiologist letting him know that it may be a tough intubation. He came up and pushed Atomidate. How much he asked her. She said "enough to make him less anxious". She said she couldn't see where to direct it, but followed the bubbles coming out of his filled up lungs. The tube was in. The anesthesiologist left and the intensivist asked her to stay for a little while (don't really know why). I didn't miss the opportunity and went up to ask how she liked her job. She replied..." I haven't met one person who says they don't like it". I told her of me getting accepted to a school and thats why I was working too jobs. She said save up as it is very strenuous schooling. Since I didn't get any chance to really see what a CRNA's day is like, I asked her if it be possible to shadow her. After asking what kind of experience I had been through shadowing wise, she suggested that I should shadow during her OB and Trauma call and gave me her number. I was excited.
I went back to my patient as she continued charting.
Before she left, she came up to me and again congratulated. So this upcoming week will be another great experience I can tell...I will let you guys know how it is.

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Apriljoy said...

Hello! I just started ready your blog and I love it!! Right now I'm a nursing student and your blog is so inspiring!