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Friday, February 25, 2011

Road to Admission

If you work in the ICU and plan to get into a CRNA program, you must have heard people saying it is very competitive to get in and is a very strenuous program. From experience, I will agree with the first. It was an awesome feeling hearing that I got accepted for the interview but getting to that was some work... Here are some things I went through and learned.
1) I had to apply a year late because of not having my recommendation letters on time. Figure out people that you know are willing to and capable of (yes...that may be the case like it was with me) writing your recommendations. And specify the date you need it by...obviously don't pick the date the application is due...(I would say at least two months prior). And during that period, keep reminding them of your request. Have them seal it in their printed envelopes...looks more professional. Write them a thank you letter or something of that sort and keep your reputation the way it was. Personal experience...relationships matter!
2) Hunt down opportunities to round with a CRNA (if not available) only then an anesthesiologist. Although my interviewers were happy with me shadowing an anesthesiologist, they did encourage CRNA instead.
3) I am not sure about this one, but I believe getting the CCRN certification did help.
4) it seems the more you do towards your goal such as the certification or getting another job for a different experience (as I did), the better it is

Let me know if I you feel I missed something.

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