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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Books I used for CCRN Review

I went to Laura Gasparis's CCRN review course and felt "ok" about it. It wasn't as great as I expected. It is true that her way of teaching is fun but I think for me it there were too many jokes. Instead of learning about how to study for CCRN, I ended up paying more attention to her entrepreneurial sections...quite interesting. On the other hand, her BOOKS are great, a few editing issues (some questions answers didn't match with the rational section). I studies for about 2 weeks consistently for 2-3 hours five days of the week from the green book (posted below as # 1) and then read the whole white CCRN book (# 2) a day before (its pretty thin).

Don't go too much in detail looking through old nursing books, websites etc.
Keep it simple and bold, which the white book definitely does. 
Don't spread your practice over months, study hard for a couple of weeks or a month and do it right after. 
Wear bright clothes and eat candy before. Keep the sugar up.
Don't study the day off or too much the day before. Rest well

Good Luck!!

Here are the books



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Srnahanna said...

Idk why I am so scared of this test!! Even with the books!