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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Dreaded Interview

I don't know anyone who isn't nervous about an interview, especially if they really want something. That's the feeling I had when I heard I was selected for a CRNA interview. Really nervous, even after reading about possible questions, buying a brand new suit, getting a spiffy haircut...why?! Probably because I didn't know that the experience I was about to have was going to be very individualized. The questions I had read online were quite different from what I was asked. Not to freak anyone out...but just letting you know not to over stress on it. I listed the questions below and what I felt was the reasoning they were asking them. 

1) What made you decide you want to be a CRNA?
This one, I was expecting. It's not a good time to try to add humor by saying "for money". You can tell exactly why you are aiming for it. For example, I said, I didn't plan on it until I was suggested to look into it by one of the intensivist I was working with (directed them towards the recommendation I had from him...+ point) as he really felt my personality will suit well for this profession and it be something I would enjoy. Exactly, how it happened.

2) what do you do in
 free time?
Simple enough. Told em whatever I enjoyed doing at that time.

3) Are you aware that this a very strenuous program and would you be able to provide your full commitment towards it?

I told them that I am aware and prepared for it and have discussed with my family of the time and commitment needed to make through this program. 

4) At the end, they gave about 10 min to add anything I wanted.

I asked them to give me any suggestions for the future if in case I don't get selected. They suggested to round a CRNA and gave me places where I could do that. And told me that I am doing good on getting more experience with the two jobs. 

Another thing I asked was how they ensure that all students get all the needed experience during clinicals as I always thought that a person better be trained well to do such a high responsibility job. The response I got was that they rotate all students through various clinical sites but at the end it is up to the student to ensure that you meet the requirements and be assertive in looking for extra opportunities. 


Robert B. said...

very informative... glad i checked it out

Apriljoy said...

This was so helpful! Thanks for having a CRNA blog!