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Saturday, March 19, 2011

An In-Class Experience

Hi guys, Sorry I haven't had a chance to write for a while. Been busy with my two jobs. Finally, got a chance to stop by. Although all that hasn't happened since last time except that the countdown has lessened :) I thought I might as well share my recent in-class experience.

It took me a while but after making sure it was OK with the director, I got it approved to join a class from first year - second quarter to get an idea of how their day goes. I planned on giving my full day to this experience so got their a little before 0800 when the class was supposed to begin. There were some students there already, having a group study session.
The class started on time with the following question from the instructor "So, how many of you read the assigned reading?". I was shocked to see that NO ONE had their hands up **my thoughts changed later when I asked em how much reading they have to do** The lecture was about Spinal anesthesia and was pretty intriguing...more practical than RN school's gray material.

There were questions asked throughout the class and the professor went through the whole class asking each students a question. (I got mine right!! After she skipped over me once saying "You will go through this next year".)

At the end of the three-hour lecture, it was lunch followed by skills lab. During lunch I got a chance to talk to the student. One common comment they made was that "Biochemistry is one of the toughest class and it helps having a good math and chemistry background". Also that not all books are needed and are available in the library. Asking around it seemed like that most students only had a year of Critical care experience and not necessarily had any cardiac ICU experience, something I was worried about not having.

The skills lab was interesting and they had plenty of areas for practice. Got to see them practicing spinals. The professor seemed really knowledgeable and was very patient with students having a hard time. After quite some time practicing, most of the student continued studying and I decided to head out.

The experience was short lasted but a great motivator and helped answer some of questions that were bothering me. It was a good first hand student experience. Now...I a bit nervous yet eager to be in it myself.


Pete said...

I always heard u needed more than two years of critical care experience...???

daniel said...

It really depends on the school, many use a 2 yr min. in an adult ICU, but some schools accept less and also accept Pedi ICU experience.

Daniel, fellow SRNA. Great blog BTW.

srna said...

Hi Daniel, thanks for the info and I m glad you like the blog, thank you. I personally didn't know that pediatric ICU could also be used. Which quarter are you in and where at?