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Friday, August 19, 2011

Quarter 1 is done!! - Anatomy Debriefing.

First quarter is over!! Its been a rough, yet fun, 10 weeks. First Anatomy, then biophysics and finally biochemistry. All are over!
But my brain still feels like its in high gear. I have only been out for a day and am bored. So, I went to school today again (just to discuss my finances actually...which by the way are outrageous!). Met a professor from next quarter on my way to lab. Got some motivation and tips which revved up my brain even more. I think I have forgotten how to relax anymore and 10 days are going to too long of a break.

So, I thought in this time, I can share some experiences about classes, books I used etc.

Anatomy...was a monster. So so much information and so little time. Never thought it would be this detailed. There wasn't even time to memorize mnemonics anymore. But, its possible. Because, if I can do it, anyone can do it...if you put enough time in it. Lab was most important but was more efficient if you know theory really well. I was told to preview theory before class, pay attention during class and then review it after class. It worked for first two weeks may be then my mind just went "Screw it" and couldn't keep up anymore. Sleep was short and so was my frustration index and that's when you go to meet your instructors. Honestly, I really liked my anatomy instructors who made this course a lot easier than I thought. That makes a huge difference. Another thing that I felt really helped me was recording lectures. There is so much that is thrown at you that its easy to miss it (and for days that you can't stay awake in class).
As far as the books, I was told to buy three and I bought em all. Some of them were greatly useful and some were unnecessary expenses. Netter, which is a great colored atlas is one of my favorite. It shows different relationships mentioned in lectures and has a nice index making it easier to look through. The only thing I didn't like was that its not the real stuff. Sometimes I couldn't translate drawings into real cadavers. But, still this book is definitely needed and I am for sure keeping mine.

Rohen was another atlas that I used and was on my recommended books list. It does have real cadaveric pictures and was a great tool to study from right before test. The thing I didn't like about this book was its index. It is so hard to find stuff in it and being my "frustration index" was so low, it did piss me off a few times.
Overall, its a decent book to look through. Thumbs up for this one too.

I didn't really use dissectors before lab but was told by people who did that it really helped them understand muscle relationship better. So, you might want to give it a shot!

The Anatomy concepts book was really a waste of money. Never really used it. For you it may be different if professors aren't doing a good job filling their lectures. If I knew, probably wouldn't have bought this one.

I have links for all the books for amazon if you need to buy them. Hope this helped!



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