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Monday, August 29, 2011

Quarter 2 Begins!

So 10-day vacation is over already! Back in it for more fun. First day seemed a bit chill at first with only 1 hr of simulation lab scheduled, but as soon as I walked in, I felt we were being scared again. Minute to minute precision with charting, looking up stuff that I am apparently supposed to know but don't know (for me that is swan ganz that I hardly worked with as a nurse, crap load of reading and zero motivation. So, now its confirmed, I am back in it. So it was tough...but then there were moments that made me smile. I be soon learning how to intubate (even though they are just sims), central lines, play with anesthesia machines etc. So, I decided to go back at reading which was tough again as I couldn't get in it for the longest time! Sometimes I feel breaks are more of speed bump than relaxing days. It probably would have been better just cruising along continuously...but then I feel its going to be tough either way so why not enjoy a bit. Oh well...I guess "ready or not, here it comes"

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