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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ready for a Break!

Its 10 weeks into the first quarter and I am more than ready for a break! The good thing is that its only two weeks away...but the bad thing is that I have three tests in that last week in almost a days span! And even worst is that my last Anatomy test is to do with head, neck and cranial nerves (and the "ooh ooh ooh"...phrases to remember them don't really help anymore). Motivation is being overtaken by exhaustion and its been getting harder and harder to wake up at 5 and stay up till midnight. In dire need of being pumped back up! And then I remember what one of the faculty member said during orientation, "If you need motivation, think of the 10 people that are sitting home, wishing they were here doing this." WE CAN DO IT !! Good luck to all who are in the same boat as me or about to embark it! Talk to you soon!

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