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Friday, September 16, 2011

Lab Experience

Although this week hasn't been any less hectic, it has been more fun! Got my first hands on experience with all the intubation gadgets such as fiberoptic scopes, light wand etc. It is just awesome! Besides that, being able to learn and practice on a variety of anesthesia machine from older to the latest was great fun! If you are planning on doing this, I can tell you this much that it seems a major portion of this job is technical as well. I have been taught how to figure out whats wrong with the machine during a case and how to fix it or if not repairable how to efficiently flip over to other alternatives. Sound Crazy and impossible right now to be able to keep all this in mind when sh** hits the fan! Hopefully be all second nature by the end of didactic...I REALLY hope!

So, I was repeatedly told that "first quarter be the hardest" but I am starting to believe that it was a mere rumor. I still feel behind ALL the time (and here I am typing haha...break time :) I feel the material is hard yet understandable. My school has changed a lot in my program since last year. Pharm and Principles of Anesthesia have only 2 exams instead of 5 each last year...so, God forbid if anyone of us fail one, it be a high high stress time.

In lab, I have been asked to brush on skills like ventilators (which I never really messed around with as a nurse...RTs), Swans, EKG (finally found THE BEST and EASIEST book to read and understand it...see below) and other "nursing" stuff. So, those be good things to know.

Get this! Great help even for you nursing career

Alright, I think I should go. Peace!


Apriljoy said...

That sounds so exciting! Your blog makes me so excited to be a nurse and further my career later on! I hope one day I'll get to branch from nursing to nurse anesthetist! Love your blog and good luck with your nurse anesthetist program! ^-^

Tanya Shnaider said...

What is the name of this book? The image isn't appearing for some reason, but definitely am interested in learning the title! Thanks!

s s said...

It's the rapid interpretation of EKGS by Dale Dubin. That link should be working now. Thanks for visiting!