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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ready for it to be over!

Did you know Reglan if pushed too fast, causes delirium? I didn't till last week. Simple things that I did without thinking much as a nurse are all making sense. Why certain medications give the effects and side effects that they do, makes them a whole lot interesting! For me second quarter has been fun but I can't deny it being more exhausting than first. So, I am definitely looking forward for it to be over in 2 weeks!

Tomorrow I go for my airway practical! Seems harmless but honestly, its pretty scary when your instructor is watching everything you do, looking for things to ding you on AND adding multiple twisted questions to throw you off. Setting up the cart with all the necessary tools in 2-3 minutes, adequately breathing patient throughout, problem solving and intubate without dripping sweat on the fake patients...don't know if I am ready. I do think I have done my part of practicing in lab consistently so lets see what happens. I will keep you guys updated.

Be sure to share your experiences and thoughts!


Aspiring CRNA said...

Hey!! I am soo excited for you, that is awesome! I can imagine how nerve-wrecking it must be, but you have been trained well and you are prepared, you will do great!! I am an aspiring CRNA in FL, just applied to a few schools and I'm very hopeful to hear back from them. Just started a blog to document my journey. Let me know how the experience is, I'd love to hear about it. Break a leg!!

srna said...

Thanks! Good Luck! where all did you apply?