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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rough, depressing week

This week has been a series of highs and lows. I don't know if other schools do this but my school has a new setup for tests this year. For all of my core classes, there are only two exams, midterm and final. And, of course, 80 or above is needed to pass the course. Then WHY THE HELL do they schedule both of the tests three days apart (not to mention, the physiology exam that was also a day before pharmacology). So, with all that stress on my mind that I, along with my study buddies, won't pass this quarter based on ONE freaking test, ended up having arguments with my parents, left my house, been moody...basically just pissed off at everything!

At the end, come to find out I passed (barely when you consider 80 a passing), but one of my study buddy fell short just a little bit. So, I am depressed, unmotivated, and been trying to keep her in it. Now I can feel what people mean when they say "CRNA school is very stressful". Hopefully, it ends up being ok...but it appears to be a long dreadful road ahead!


Apriljoy said...

Wow that's awesome that you passed! It seems like you're doing really well in CRNA school! Keep it up!

srna said...

Yeah...I was surprised that I passed too. How far are you into your endeavor? Did you apply?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Be happy and thrilled that you can pass with an 80%. My CRNA program demands an 85% to pass, so I failed pharmacology with an 84%.