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Monday, November 14, 2011

Break Time!

Done with quarter 2 and am already enjoying my two weeks break! 1st day off was watching "immortals" with friend and day 2 was shooting all kinds of guns in the open Arizona desert. Now I feel like its time to catch up on all the stuff that I crammed during finals. The stuff that I probably should know. First quarter was supposed to be the hardest but I think 2nd quarter proved that wrong by far.
Had only two test for Principles of Anesthesia and Pharm besides the fact that 80% or more was needed to pass!! Insanity!
But its over and here are some things that helped me survive second quarter.
1) Don't fall behind
Lacking sleep and motivation along with a busy schedule it is very easy to fall behind but one must keep along (I highly doubt there is any way to stay ahead). During orientation, my instructors suggested keeping up with every assigned reading before class and revisit it little by little everyday. I really couldn't last quarter but it definitely would have helped my grades if I did. So, new plans for next quarter. Start early, keep on time and don't procrastinate.

2) Keep distractions away!
When we have to do things that aren't always fun such as studying, it is easy to get distracted by things that wouldn't normally attract you. For example, being on facebook, twitter every 5 minutes, watching stupid videos on youtube etc. Those were huge distractors for me last quarter and surprisingly, I don't care for them much during break! Solution: So, it was finals week and I had three test in 4 days and I couldn't focus, so I decided to block myself from internet for an hour at a time with 10 minute breaks using a google chrome app called "Strict Pomodoro". Worked wonders! P.S. You can figure a way around anything but then you be cheating yourself.

3) Take Breaks
Don't over do it. Be sure to give yourself a set time of break every so often. It makes studying less draining.

Wish you good luck!

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