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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Breathless Quarter 3!

Its the first week back into 3rd quarter and I m swarmed with stuff to do already! Had to stay up till 1:30 in a very frustrating mood, trying to finish a couple of DQs for Research class...took me 6 HOURS! I not only had to think about what to write with my sleep deprived mind, but also had to figure out AMA format (took me half an hour to figure out how to put a superscript; by the way, its shift + Ctrl + = ).

Well as you might have noticed, its busy as ever this quarter. Never did I feel such time crunch this early in a quarter. Classes are now starting 8 am Monday to Friday which really makes it hard to stay up late and then get up so early. And the fear of sleeping in too late has kept me from falling asleep anyways.

Reading, Reading, Reading is my agenda this time since getting the B+ I got last quarter was quite tough in principles of anesthesia. But have high hopes this time as reading is long but easier to comprehend so far. First day I was scheduled for Spinal and epidural lab, which was awesome!! Although, more stories about residency has started another nervous feeling in me for fun that is yet to come. Believe it or not, heard one of the students getting "hit" by a preceptor.

Anyways, ups and downs, I m still cruising. Will be by soon again...hopefully :s

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