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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Great Reference Book!

Wanted to mention another great reference that I found. It is called Pocket Anesthesia by Richard D. Urman and Jesse M. Ehrenfeld. It isn't really pocket size but has basically all I have heard during school in to-the-point style format. It has pretty good rating on Amazon as well. And Amazon also lets you look into it before buying. Its a good book for quick reference and appears well worth taking along to Clinical rotations. Let me know if you like it too.

Here's a link to buy it: Pocket Anesthesia (Pocket Notebook Series)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for creating this blog. I am a RN with 6 yrs experience. I started off in the ER, spent the last 4 yrs in L&D and now I am back into the ER. I want to become a CRNA sooo sooo bad. But I finished my RN with a 2.5, yikes! ADN. I am now working on my BSN which will be my second bachelors degree. I am also taking some science classes. I am hoping this will increase my GPA. i don't plan on applying until Fall 2013.

Anything thoughts or suggestions would be great.

Congrats on your success and journey! :-)

srna said...

Sorry forgot to ask, are their CRNA schools that consider ER experience sufficient. Mine only took critical care experience.

Anonymous said...

I live in VA. There is one school that allows ER experience but that's the only one. I'm going to apply for some ICU positions. Thank you for your encouraging words. I get so discouraged when I read these blogs and everyone graduated with a 3.7-3.9GPA. Is your facebook page the same title?

srna said...

Yep! Felt the same way when I heard all these high GPAs. As long as you want to do it. You will be able to do it. Stay determined! Facebook page is to the Right...the icon. Again, Good luck!

Anonymous said...

hello, nursing student currently working on my bsn here. i rarely comment, but just wanted to encourage you to keep pushing forward successfully with your program. this is what i'm aiming for in my future (crna) but only time will tell. i do visit this site daily in hopes that i can somehow relate to the stress levels that you are going through. anyway good luck!

srna said...

Thank You! I wish you good luck as well...I m glad to hear you visit daily. Let me know what I should write that would help you more. Again, best of luck for your upcoming adventures!