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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Question Bank Example: Regional Anesthesia

First of all, Happy 2012  Everyone!

Its been a busy start for me and I am already paying for enjoying Christmas and New Years. Test next Wednesday and Friday and haven't even gone through the lectures once!! Studying hours and hours!
Plus, it seems like stupid Care plans are meant to be stuck with nurses FOREVER! Like always, they are unnecessary stress, if I don't have enough from the upcoming test.

Anyways, I wanted to share my upcoming plan of making a question bank for the various topics. So, just have a few examples of some I made for my coming exam.
Although they are very similar in style, they are NOT from any of my exams. They are 100% original, hand made by me :) Hope they help.

Here are couple of them...you can leave your answers in the comment section. I will post rationales and reference for them soon. Please let me know if this is something that will help so I don't waste anyone time with these :) Thanks!

A patient accidently receives spinal dose Bupivacaine intravascularly. What would be the first symptom? 
a)      Ventricular Fibrillation
b)      Circumoral numbness
c)       Seizures
d)      A flutter

A patient is being prepped for spinal anesthesia in sitting position. Which of the following steps is inaccurate? 
a)      Vitals are assessed supine and sitting position
b)      The intercristal line identified on iliac crest for needle insertion at L3-L4.
c)       Betadine is applied to site and left on for 1 minute
d)      Clean the iodine solution with alcohol before inserting needle. 


Anonymous said...

i believe the answer to the 1st question is circumoral numbness, and the 2nd question's answer is "D,"-cleaning iodine with alcohol before inserting needle

srna said...

The second one is correct! Cleaning iodine with alcohol will inactivate its properties.
The first one...think bupivacaine being cardiotoxic. With Bupivacaine, you will most likely see cardiac symptoms of ventricular origin. Lidocaine displays CNS symptoms before cardiac.
Good Job!

I took the info from Nagelhout, if anyone's interested.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your website, and for a reply to my answers. The rationals you give make sense