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Monday, February 20, 2012

3 Quarter DONE!

Three down one more to go before rotations start! Just came out of the testing center after Principle of Anesthesia Final exam and feel pretty decent about it. Pharm was close but got what I needed. The feeling of being done with 3 quarters still doesn't feel real. Especially when I STRONGLY felt that I was not going to make it through this one. On top of that, today had to be the day I over slept!! Slept at 1:30 a and didn't even hear the alarm at 4. So, couldn't review anything like I normally do. I will suggest for anyone who wants to do this...get used to sleep less. It will be greatly helpful for exams.  

So me passing this quarter. what does this mean for all my readers?! 

I continue this blog! :) 
And for that...I am soon to share something you all will like so keep posted. 

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