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Monday, March 26, 2012

56 Days!

56 days to go to rotations!! So this quarter is fluffed up with stuff I honestly don't care about this time but its been going good so far. First exam tomorrow, so really hoping to get a good start. This weekend my class attended the AZANA seminars which was long but interesting. It sort of was a review of what I have learned so far in school. Along with that, I got a chance to hear my seniors present and give tips on different rotation sites. The one thing I my having to put off is reviewing stuff for the upcoming SEE aka self evaluation exam. Another issue thats been worrying me is getting a place to live at my rotation site. Its so hard to pick a place to live at a site where I have never been. Then again, I guess I should make sure I pass this quarter before worrying about rotations. We ll see.

Back to studying! Talk to you soon!

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