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Monday, March 26, 2012

Certification Review Course

Hi guys,
Just wanted to mention a very popular name in SRNAs, "Prodigy Anesthesia". He's a CRNA who provides review courses for SRNAs and helps them organize a plan for certification exam. I am posting a video and a website link with some info.

Here's a link to there free article archives

I am also posting this video that shows a demo on how this program works. In addition, there is also a free itunes application called "Paces mini" available. 


MO said...

WOW THE PRODIGY ANESTHESIA site is so great!!!!!!!amazing.Thanks for posting.Pls keep writing as I look forward for the same.MO

MO said...

I have almost 20 yrs experience in pediatric ICU.Do you think thats gonna be a reason to look down when it comes to selecting?MO

srna said...

I think pediatric ICU may actually be considered better than adult. You have to be way more vigilant with meds and drips. I would go ahead and do it! Good Luck! Let me know if you need help.