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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Clinicals Week 2

Two weeks, 64 cases! Its been so much fun along with some scary moments. My preceptors are great and have a variety of techniques and tips to share. I am surprised to say this but the second day of my rotations, I somehow made myself go work with children. Scary at first but then I think I had exaggerated fears about that. Well, now that I am over that fear, I have to work towards throwing myself into neuro and cardiac cases. But for now, I will wait and get used to the routine. So, I have been looking for opportunities to come and write about my experiences.
My clinical site is great! A lot of autonomy, nice people, and variety of cases. So far, I have done laparoscopic surgeries, tonsils and adenoids, knee scopes, shoulder surgeries, back surgeries, pediatrics to name a few. Its just been a whole bunch of stuff that I thought I won't get to do this soon, definitely not the first week. After the first two days, I finally figured out how to intubate using a miller. Its more of a technique than strength so it took me a while. Kids seemed easier to intubate. Even though its only been two weeks, one of my preceptor choose to let me perform induction solo (semi-solo) for a 12 year old's case. It kept me on my toes. Intubation and setting up went fine and then throughout the case, I was hoping nothing goes out of normal. Then, I kept hoping my preceptor will check in on me during emergence. And that didn't happen. So, I rolled the guy to PACU and took a breath of relief. Later, he told me that some people do better when they are not being watched and that he trusted me. I kept quiet but felt like saying "don't ever do that again man! That was some scary shit to deal with!"
Its been busy and tiring so I am not getting much chance to write about here. If you like to follow my fun and exciting days more closely, follow on facebook. Hope everyone is doing good! Be back with more exciting stories soon!

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