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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Month and a Half Later

I know its been forever since I have come by to update you guys. I have missed writing...besides doing other fun things but free time has been very hard to come by these days! 10-12 hours workdays 5 days a week followed by homework over the weekend...exhausting! On the other hand, with a few ups and downs, its going alright till now. I have done a lot more cases including a couple of days of OB where I got to put in a few spinals...kind of nervous doing that but they went fine. My preceptors have been great! I have had an opportunity to see many different techniques including total intravenous techniques where patient's wake up and get extubated in less than 2 minutes after surgery and ask how the surgery went. That was pretty cool to see! Homework is something that kills me! I hate writing care plans with info that means nothing more than written words because we never actually use the plans I write in real life. All that I had learned is slowly fading away and I am trying hard to keep up with reading so I don't lose every bit I learned just last year. Thats all I have for now. I will be back a lot sooner than last time. So, talk to you soon.

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