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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Simply Anesthesia Book

Hi folks,
Here's another great book that was found out as a day-to-day resource for all related to anesthesia. Its called Simply anesthesia and is written using great resources such as "pocket anesthesia" and "clinical anesthesiology". It's focused on the key points written with just enough information and directed straight to the point. It includes topics such as pediatrics, obstetrics, cardiovascular, thoracic, neurology along with many others. Its written by a CRNA who started writing it during school to help her with school. It is also great resource for certification exam. Here's the website where you can check it out and purchase it. It's well worth the money and not as expensive as most other resources out there. Let me know how you like it. www.simplyanesthesia.com
Here's the full table of contents:
Anesthesia Basics
Blood & Blood Products
EKG Basics
General & Abdominal Surgery
Geriatric Anesthesia
Offsite Anesthesia
Orthopedic Surgery
Regional Anesthesia
Urological Surgery
Vascular-Thoracic Surgery


khushbu jha said...

Whenever I read Your Post Allways got Something New
Anaesthesia Products

s s said...

Just to clarify. I don't get paid from any of these reviewed products. They are only things that I personally used. If someone asks me to write about their products, I test it out and try my best to write an unbiased review. I think it is important for students to know what's out there and what is worth spending your money on. Hope you got something worth while from the blog.