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Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Challenges at Home

Hello all,
Its been nice moving back home for clinicals this quarter. No more paying rent while I have a house, no more daily fast food stops, no more worries for at least 3 more months...one would think. Even though all thats been great, moving to a new clinical site does bring a lot of worries and challenges. New people, new place, new ways of doing anesthesia. So, I am not surprised that I had a stumbling first week. The last site I was at, I didn't get a chance to extubate my patients in the room, which is like saying I only did 50% of anesthesia. Coming to a site that does extubation in the room has been some task. Lowering the anesthesia by approximating when the surgery is going to end to allow patient to wake up with the last suture in is one heck of a challenge. On top of that, new charting, preop and post op routines and CRNA preferences have been hard to remember. While I was hardly ever tested at my previous site, my first week here consisted of multiple questions on medication dosages, regional anatomy and EKGs...some of which I didn't have a clue about. And therefore, here I sit on my chair at home, doing my homework early so I can brush up on these topics for Monday. Hopefully it will be helpful for later. Well...time to get back at it! Be back soon...hopefully

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Thommy413 said...

I have spent all this morning reading your blog. I am very impressed, as well as glad that I found it. I appreciate you taking the time to write this to give others insight into your experience :)

s s said...

Thank You for reading my blog! Well, I like writing and anesthesia so I thought why not mix them together. I get to do what I want and inturn it helps other students. Thank you again :)

c gong said...

Did you work towards a BSN after you got your Associate's degree?

s s said...

Yes...I did my ADN first and while I worked, I finished my BSN. The good thing was that my hospital paid for my BSN so that saved a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

With regards to your practice question under equipment , the answer i believe is c. check "clinical anesthesiology by G.Edward Morgan Jr. 4ed. pg. 68 chapter 4. under common(fresh gas ) outlet. It says it right there. Can you kindly provide me the info and rational for your answer. Im a freshman SRNA and confusion is the order of the day for me. But i read this in the Morgan.

s s said...

I 'll check Morgan and Mikhail. Just came back from vacation so will look it up.