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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Valley Anesthesia Review

What a busy weekend!! Just came back from attending Valley anesthesia and my mind is full of information. Three days to learn important anesthesia topics was a tough job. However, I was highly impressed with how the information was presented. Sometimes it felt like topics were discussed really quick and it was too much to handle. It was nice that they allowed us to voice record so I can re-listen it. I am kind of disappointed that my weekend sleep-in time was lost but I would be really glad if this helps be do good on the SEE and the boards. It was a little expensive I thought (at $750 + Hotel + Flight cost) but if it works, its better than paying for boards twice. When you sign up for the review course, they send a review book (sweat book) for you to study through prior to coming to the actual course. I be honest that I didn't even get a chance to open it before the actual course review. I highly suggest you try to do that! It was nice seeing all of my SRNA friends after a while and the new ones I met. So, good luck to everyone on the exams and let me know how you feel this review helped.


shix said...

I just discovered your blog & i must say its kind of comforting to know other SRNA's go through the same stresses! When do you graduate? Am getting ready for SEE exam & am freaking out! Have u taken it yet? If so what did u think of it & what material do u think helped the most (valley, prodigy....)?


s s said...

Hi Judi, it is true that we are not alone. Stress is part of every SRNA's life. However, if we won't be here if weren't this strong so keep up the strong work. I be honest that my SEE scores dropped from last year but being in clinicals I didn't get much time to study. I have a new study plan that I am following where I do exams on Prodigy with rationales and keep doing them until I get above 90% on each of them. In addition to that I read a chapter from Valley's Sweat book for concepts. That might be a good way to go because they are both great study tools. Good Luck!! Let me know how you do on it.

shix said...

Thanks so much for your reply! I apologize i might have asked you the same question about 2 or more times in one of your posts as i thought my posts didn't go through! I am worried about my scores as i have 5 days of clinical plus class exams, plus 2 papers to write a week, then on top of that i am supposed to be studying for the SEE, take it in the next one month & score >80% of the national average! If you don't pass SEE, you do oral boards which are way crazy (as i've heard). I have just started using prodigy too & i set up a study plan with it. It made me realize how much info i've forgotten! Were the SEE questions fair? Anyway, thanks for the advice. I wish i would have discovered your blog earlier!

s s said...

Wow they are keeping you pretty busy!! 3 months ago, I took SEE for the second time and had a considerable drop in my scores from the previous year. I say study from prodigy by focusing on the sample exams. Build your stamina by taking them daily if you can. Also even if you know the answer don't skip reading the rationales! A friend on mine ( smartest guy in my class) does exams with rationales until he can pass them with a score of 90% or greater. In addition to that, he reads from the valley sweat book. That's is my plan for the boards. Have a plan and you ll surely do great!! Let me know if that helps. Good Luck!!

shix said...

Thank you so much for the advice! Yes my school doesn't play around when it comes to keeping us busy:( I don't mind being that busy, its just that i think they have the program planned poorly in terms of giving us time to study. I pretty much do all my assignments & readings on the weekends as am usually super exhausted. I really do enjoy prodigy! I will do the study plan, do the rend of week review quizzes then just before my SEE exam i will practice the exams excessively till i run out of time. If i do find some extra time i will look at valley.
Thanks again for all your advice!

s s said...

You are welcome! I think all schools are like that. Study time is something we have to make up somehow. With the nights and day schedule I have the same trouble and my future workplace wants me to pass the boards within 20 days of graduation. I don't think that's possible. So, I totally understand.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way, i can get recorded lecture from valley review course? I am a SRNA.