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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I cannot believe I am saying this already but I have 27 more shifts to go within the next 2 months and I will be officially done with CRNA school! Knowing this fact, I have a severe case of Senoritis. Switching between nights and days is a little tough and my cardiac experience at this last site hasn't been too kind. Now the stress is towards finishing the last bit of careplans left to do and to study, study and study!!
Prodigy and Valley are in the study plan but haven't been too consistent with it because of long shifts and alternating day and night shifts and of course, "senoritis". The nice thing, however is that time is moving closer to my graduation every minute and I cannot wait!!
Time is ticking :)


shix said...

Congratulations as you get closer to your graduation. I cannot wait to get where you are. I graduate in Dec, 157 days to go, not that am counting, lol..

Anonymous said...

Im very excited for you! I don't know you very well but i also want to become a CRNA (im a freshman in college), so seeing your journey is very inspiring!

s s said...

Thanks! Study hard and I think it's totally worth it!