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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Which Program to Choose? (Part 1)

Hello everyone,

Selecting a CRNA program to attend should be a process and not a one day decision. That is the key to remember in picking a program. If you are planning to attend a CRNA school, there are a number of things to keep in mind to ensure you get what you wanted from it. And for that, you must know what you aim to achieve. These are some of the topics to research before settling for a program.
1) "I want it easy"
During my schooling, everyday I thought my program was too tough! So I always questioned myself if attending an "easier" school would have been better. One would like to think yes, but would that help ensure a long, safe, CRNA career? Truth is, most likely not! First of all, I highly doubt there really is a CRNA school too easy! Some school may be more laid back about the rules, exams and teaching methods but overall you need to learn the same things in order to practice successfully. So, I say learn, research and understand that if its real tough to get through its most likely to make you good at what you be doing. Also if you are looking for an easy way out, this isn't for you. No pain no gain!

2) "Do I want to travel?"
This is something I would confess to as the primary reason for why I chose the school I went to. It was 20 minutes from home and so I be closer to family and friends etc. Didn't looked beyond that. Again research the school well! Make an appointment with the program director to see if it meets you need. You may think it is close to you but that might be just the didactic portion. Like my program, clinical rotations are all over the nation (which I knew BTW). That might not work for everyone. This might also be a problem when it comes to cost and safety. Do you really know where you be going before hand? Can you request site rotations? Do they pay for your housing and transport? and what kind of experience you be getting at those specific sites? MD directed or independent CRNA practices? Rural areas? These are all good questions to know. Regardless of where you plan to go, I highly suggest you go up there and assess the situation.

3) "How much money I be spending?"
Of course, nothing is done until you ask how much it costs. This a major determining factor for a lot of students decision. Private universities will cost a whole lot more than state. This might be a problem for students with families or someone who would rather not have 100,000 dollar loan. Again, ask your school if they for sure send to out of state clinical sites and if travel and housing is paid for by school. If they school is paying for your housing, is it in a safe area, in the hospital (I have seen call rooms being student housing)  

 (will be continued...Got to study for Boards :) )

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