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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Is Nerve Stimulator still needed with Ultrasound?

Recently, I have been a part of heated discussions with a colleague of mine regarding the need of nerve stimulator along with ultrasound. I was vouching FOR its use and not without a reason. I have noticed quite frequently that even if you have a good view with the ultrasound of the femoral nerve artery and vein, it's is not always accurate. Many times even with a great view I would have an unsuccessful block when only ultrasound was used. So to test out where I was, I started implementing the nerve stimulator along with it. To my surprise, more often than not I would be stimulating the vastus medialis muscle at that position. My colleagues argument against it was that it is a waste of time and distracts you from the ultrasound view. I was curious what other people are experiencing with such blocks. The recent CME is attended also proved that I wasn't the only one who dealt with this issue. The US course presenter mentioned that it for the sake of a good view people often place the ultrasound up too cephalad. To correct this issue, US should be moved caudad to locate the profunda femoral artery. I found that to be true with the two femoral blocks that I did since that CME. So has anyone else had that happen? Comment below to share your experiences. Thanks for following.

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