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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Apex Anesthesia Review Course

I have recently been approached to give my opinion on a new SRNA board review website Apex Anesthesia Review (www.apexanesthesia.com) that is available now. Before I begin, in a  recent comment, it was mentioned that they feel "A Student CRNA blog" introduces a lot of new "products". I am not sure if they were saying its a good thing or bad. The information presented about the mentioned courses are  mainly introduction to the products without any promotion or rejection of their effectiveness. Everyone has different learning styles so the idea of me discussing these is to allow an insight into the courses that can help you all determine if they meet your learning needs or not. Regardless, I wanted to start off by saying that the products that I discuss on my blog do not provide me with any monetary compensation. In fact, I look for terms that allow me to keep a neutral, unbiased stand towards the product. Thanks to the developers of Apex Anesthesia Review Course, Kevin Baker CRNA and Daniel Frasca CRNA, DNAP, I have had the opportunity to personally browse their website courses and get an insight on how it works.

Apex Anesthesia Review is an online SRNA review course that provides students with a comprehensive review including multiple tutorials and question banks on topics tested on NBCRNA board exam. The topics are divided into 9 units along with review exams and national certification practice exams. Student subscriptions allow unlimited access to all these courses from your computers and tablets. Smartphones may also be used to access review exams and full length practice board exams. Student course progress is tracked and communicated between all compatible platform allowing easy transition from computer to ipad. The courses are created with in-depth details of the anesthesia topics and are supported by necessary diagrams and illustrations. Questions have been formatted similar to the NBCRNA boards such as multiple selection, drag and drop, illustration questions, and calculations. Apex courses are stored in the cloud and are updated without the need for students to get software update.

Pricing is based on a subscription model and a group rates are available for groups larger than 10. Students are also able to contact the CRNAs who created this program for personalized help if needed. According to the developers, they currently have a 100% pass rate. However, if a student fails, they provide help to create a customized plan and also provide a full refund if the student can't pass the boards after 3 attempts.
Browsing through Apex website, there were some things that I think SRNAs will definitely benefit from and some I had to think over a bit. Initially,from a student's perspective, I was worried about it not being available offline. However, I ended up favoring this change once I compared it with downloadable review programs. It allows students to access courses from almost anywhere and on any device since there is no program to download. All you do is login and pick up where you left off. Another tool that I really like is the "index" section which provides a straight forward, to the point list of very specific topics that are easily accessible with just a click.

Overall, Apex anesthesia seems to be a well organized and to-the-point review course website for SRNAs (and CRNAs in the near future). Hopefully my  brief introduction to the website provides all anesthesia folks with enough information to see if Apex anesthesia is the way for you to study for your boards and earn those four letters behind your name...C.R.N.A.

Feel free to help out fellow SRNAs by commenting below if you would like to share your personal experience with the Apex course. Also, you can contact this developers at this link if you have any more specific questions. http://www.apexanesthesia.com/contact_apex/

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Jordan said...

Interesting course! I think it's unique that it just introduces products without actually "reviewing" them per-say. Might have to look into this course. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

How long does a student have access to APEX once purchased? I don't graduate until 2017, but I would like to start incorporating it into my studies.

s s said...

I am not really sure on that one so please contact them directly. Hope it helps.

s s said...

I am not really sure on that one so please contact them directly. Hope it helps.

Shaun Mceuen said...

I purchased a year subscription but you can purchase up to 2 years if I remember correctly

Kevin R. Baker CRNA said...

Hi. This is Kevin - the Co-Founder of APEX Anesthesia Review.

You can choose from our 1, 2, and 3 year subscription options. Additionally, we gladly offer discounts to groups of 10+ students.

For the fastest response, please feel free to send any questions to my direct email address: info@apexanesthesia.com

I hope this helps, and good luck in school!

Christal Jarrett said...
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