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Saturday, February 13, 2016


Hi all,
So the reason for this long delay in posting has been a number of reasons both personal and professional. I have been busy with family and my the new addition to my family, Sandy, my "rez" dog. I have been told that that is a sign that you are permanent resident of rural Indian reservation. In addition to her keeping me occupied, I have also done something I thought I would never do again.
Yes, I am back in school and this is definitely the last time! I am in my third DNP course but it is no where close to being as interesting and exciting as CRNA school. All these time consuming assignments and discussion questions and research are so draining!
So why did I do it?
I believe that CRNAs and other advanced practice nursing specialties are in a constant battle for recognition with our physician colleagues. In order for us to be able to stand up for our profession, we need to take an active part in how things get to be in the today's medical field through research. I honestly believe that it gives us a much detailed understanding of why we practice the way we do. Another way of us being able to direct the practice rather than being directed.
I also wanted to match up with the soon to be all doctorate level CRNA graduate in the near future. I have always been interested in teaching and since most CRNA programs require a doctorate degree, it made sense to just get it done.
It isn't easy but I am in it to get it done.
I am hoping to return to my usual post frequency but I apologize for the delay already if I get too tangled up with life.
Hope everyone is approaching their goals as planned.

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Anonymous said...

Good site.

Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity why did you choose DNP over DNAP?

s s said...

Honestly, I liked the school I went with for the program and they don't offer DNAP. The CRNA program I attended just started their program so it is too new.